Two grains of Sand

Two grains of Sand

Piers Faccini

Tôt ou Tard 2009


1. Two Grains Of Sand 
2. The Wind That Blows 
3. Your Name No More 
4. To See Is To Believe 
5. Who Loves The Shade 
6. A Home Away From Home 
7. A Storm Is Going To Come 
8. Time Of Nought 
9. Save A Place For Me 
10. The Dust In Our Eyes 
11. Strangers 
12. My Burden Is Light

Line up

Piers Faccini : voice, guitar, harmonica, harmonium, organ, percussion, kora, backing vocals
Vincent Ségal : cello
Johan Daalgard : piano, organ
Jean-Marc Apap : viola
Hervé Cavelier : violin
Jules Bikoko : doublebass, bass, backing vocals
Claire Menguy : cello 
Julien Chirol : trombone
Sarah Murcia : doublebass
Tommy Jordan : backing vocals
Bhusi Mhlongo, Thulli Mkhize, Phillip Zigode : backing vocals
Frederic Couderc : flute, clarinet, saxophone
Adam Topol : percussions
Nibs Van der Spuy : quatro
Francesca Beard : voice
Jeff Boudreaux : drums, tambourine
Maxime Zampieri : drums