The True Blue Skies

The True Blue Skies

Jim Yamouridis

Microcultures 2013


1. To carry the load
2. Body of proof
3. Hey Babe
4. Mireille
5. The true blue skies
6. White linen
7. The fields and the meadows
8. I want you
9. Friend there is trouble
10. To carry the load
11. Slow

Line up

Jim Yamouridis  electric guitar, vocal
Seb Martel  electric guitar, percussion, backing vocal
Sarah Murcia  double bass, backing vocal
Fabrice Barré  bass clarinet, clarinet, percussion
Nicholas Thomas  vibraphone, percussion
Laure Brisa  harpe
Christophe Lavergne  drums
enregistré et mixé par Marlon B.