For House Cats and Sea Fans

For House Cats and Sea Fans

Elysian Fields

Vicious Circle 2014


1. Come down from the ceiling  4'20
2. Alms for your love  2'44
3. Next year in Jerusalem  5'28
4. She gets down  3'48
5. Channeling  4'17
6. Madeleine  3'28
7. Escape from New York  7'09
8. This Project  4'29
9. Franck, You ruined me  3'59
10. Hit by a wandering moon  4'23
11. Love me darling  4'58

Line up

Jennifer Charles  vocals
Oren Bloedow  guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals all compositions
Charles Bloedow, Chris Vatalaro  drums, flexatone, e-piano, laptop, piano, celli.arr.
Thomas Bartlett  op-1
Danton Boller  bass
Ed Pastorini  bgvs, piano
John Medeski  fujara
Daisy Vatalaro  cello
Matt Johnson  drums
Ted Reichman  accordion, moog
Katie Scheele  e.horn, oboe
J.G.Thirlwell  samples
James Genus  bass
Rob Jost  Marimba, bass, french horn
Andy Burton  piano
Rob Burger  marxophone
James Chance  sax, voice
Franck London, Franck Vacin  horns
Rey DeJesus  congas Hagar
Ben Ari  bass
Ben Perowsky  drums
Brittany Larceny  Piano, vibes
Elliot Goldkind  string samples
Sarah Murcia  bass